Backups and Disaster Recovery Plan

What is a BDRP?

Disasters can happen at any time, from man-made ones to natural. Whilst you can't protect you business from all disasters, you can however take steps to ensure your business is robust enough to handle a disaster. Backups and Disaster Recovery Plans go hand in hand. Having a reliable and tested plan in place can mean the difference between removing from an outage and closing your business for good.

What Makes a Solid BDRP?

The ideal BDRP should consist of the following: > On-site backups (Tape, External HDDs, SAN, NAS, etc...) > Off-site backups (Cloud or physical secondary location) > Backup rotation system (to test that backups are actually working) > Inventory of Hardware (spare HDDs, keyboards, mice, etc...) > Potential Problem Analysis (to plan for as many outcomes as possible) > Skeleton Staffing > Communications System (to reach out to your customers)

Key Benefits of Having a BDRP?

The benefit of having implemented a BDRP in your business is so that when a disaster occurs, you're ready for it. Your business will have a skeleton staff and a fallback location to operate the business from. This ensures business continuity.

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