What's the Role of a Consultant?

Our consulting service aims to build a clear picture of your current infrastructure and how it lines up with the current technology available in your industry. We then help you build a roadmap of where and when to implement certain technologies to maximise your business growth and reach your business goals. We believe technology can help businesses move closer to their business goals and our consulting service aims to prove this. Our role as your consultant is to take you from where you currently are and improve your current position in the market. So, whether you're a startup with a fresh new offering or an established business with a long term customer base, we can help you embrace the right technology to move forward.

What's the Consulting Process?

The consulting process we follow is clear and easy to understand. 1. DISCOVERY We begin with the Discovery phase as this lets us learn more about your business. We delve into the foundations of your business and look at where you business uses technology and how. 2. ASSESSMENTS (Risk & Vulnerability) We carry out a number of assessments, from a basic vulnerability assessment to mapping your network to look at where technology is deployed and how it ties in with your business functions. At this stage we're information gathering as well as look at where we could be the most effective. 3. PRESENTATION We present the solutions we've come up with to various members of the business, from C Level executives to Heads of Departments. This allows us to get buy-in from the key stakeholders in the organisation. 4. SCOPE/VALUE PROPOSITION Once a solution has been chosen we begin to build the scope of the project along with the value based fee for the work to be done. We opt to use a value based fee for several reasons; > Not limited to time > Clear motive for success > Clear cap on costs > ROI is easy to work out > Unlimited access to your consultant 5. CONTRACT SIGNING The work begins as soon as contracts are signed in agreement of the proposition set up in the previous phase. 6. IMPLEMENTATION Finally, the implementation phase where the solution gets built and integrated into your environment.

Key Benefits of Hiring Sahota IT?

> Improve your current situation > External view of your processes > Unbiased approach to your infrastructure > Value based fees > Measurable results

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