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What is a Vulnerability?

A vulnerability assessment consists of using several professional-grade tools to probe and test the various areas of your infrastructure against a database of known vulnerabilities. The goal is to identify the weaker areas of your system where the greatest real-world impact could be made to your business operations. These weaknesses may be thanks to out-dated software, misconfigurations of systems, or just down to a complete lack of patch management. Whatever the cause is of the vulnerability, we’ll discover it and show you what potential damage could be caused by exploiting that vulnerability. A vulnerability assessment typically lasts between 1 and 3 days depending on the size of the network and infrastructure being scanned. This also covers the time it takes to build the report and present our findings back to you. The report will have the vulnerabilities ranked in order of criticality, with the more severe ones being ranked as “Critical” and the least severe ranking as “Low/Info”. It aims to offer clear guidance on what the next steps are and can be used to plug the gaps in your businesses security. We work with you to build an understanding of the vulnerabilities, what they mean and we are available to install patches and harden the security around the business for you*.

Show us your infrastructure and we'll show you the vulnerabilities

When Should I Do a Vulnerability Assessment?

A vulnerability assessment is a typical start point for most of our first-time engagements with new clients as it allows us to gain a better understanding of your systems and infrastructure. Typically we recommend clients deploy a Vulnerability Assessment anytime a system is patched or significant changes are made to a system.

Why Use Sahota IT?

  • First assessment is free for new clients
  • Free remediation for MSP clients
  • Results driven processes
  • Value based fees
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